Groundhog day, start of the new season!

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Today Groundhog Day!

Today, February 2, is it Groundhog day! Groundhog day is an American seasonholiday, always at February 2, when the woodchuck wakes from hibernation. Depending on whether the marmot sees its own shadow after emerging from its burrow, winter continues or it is time to welcome spring.

When we put our heads out of the door this morning, we certainly had a shadow, but we are convinced that a new season will soon start. The almond blossom is blooming, the clovers show their yellow flowers and the birds are singing!

Film or reality?

In the 1980s, a film comedy was made where the main character (played by Bill Murray) is a weather forecaster who wakes up on Groundhog Day and then relives Groundhog day after day. Everything is exactly the same as the day before: the same jokes, the same music, etc. It turns out that he is in a time loop that keeps the same day starting again and again. He is the only one knowing this,nobody else . Anyway, after many comical experiences, he breaks the loop. How? By accepting and appreciating the present.

The comparison between film and current reality is obvious. Due to the lockdown and the curfew in Portugal, the days are starting to look quite similair. Walking, small jobs around the house, reading a book and wake up a little later are all repeating itselfs … Do you recognise the patern? But hey, a new season is in the air … It won’t be long .. Hold on and hopefully we will see each other next season!

Bert and Els

February 2, 2021